Alki David, the head of Keef’s record label FilmOn, has issued the following statement to XXL: “Keef’s crack legal team will work this out. In the meantime Hologram USA is prepared to beam him in wherever he needs to go. Boldly, like no man has gone before.”

A warrant for Chief Keef‘s arrest has been issued in Miami, according to TMZ. The warrant comes after Sosa missed his court date on Tuesday (May 2) following his arrest a couple weeks ago.

The arrest occurred in Miami Beach on April 8 after police pulled Keef over after allegedly seeing a passenger in his car make what they believe was a drug transaction with another car. Sosa was arrested for DUI and released on bond later that day. Cops said Keef had “bloodshot eyes and dry mouth,” and when a drug expert showed up, Sosa reportedly told them, “It’s okay. When you find weed in my urine I’ll just get my attorney to get my marijuana card.”