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Tyga Feat. Chief Keef & A.E “100s” @Tyga @ChiefKeef


Tyga shares the music video for the “Bitch I’m the Shit 2” track “100s,” featuring Chief Keef and A.E.

After hitting the Malibu hills for the shoot earlier this week, Tyga has already churned out the new “100s” music video. All of the song’s collaborators — Tyga, Chief Keef, and Last Kings artist A.E. — show up with pockets full of Benjamins. Tyga drives a blue Bugatti while Sosa and A.E. both take a silver Lambo out for a spin. The L.A.-based rappers are so loaded that they happily watch $100 bills fly out of the driver’s seat window and drift into the ether.

There’s still no release date for Tyga’s next tape, Bitch I’m the Shit 2, which will include “100s” as well as the Lil Wayne-featuring “ACT GHETTO.” He dropped both songs at the beginning of the month.