So today we spoke to Tommy D Tupac’s Chief Engineer.

Here’s what he had to say:


Tell us about the Makaveli Book?

I was at Death Row Records from Doggystyle all the way to the Makaveli album and on. Everyone knows I was 2Pac’s engineer, but I also engineered for Dre and lots of others for a while. I would tell Death Row stories at a party and in the studio and everyone kept saying, you should write a book, and I thought, shit — they’re right. I figured I’m not disrespecting anyone or putting anyone in jeopardy. These are just fun, cool stories that I think fans would like to read.


Working with Tupac in the studio walk us through the work flow:

I’ve worked with many talented people from Paul McCartney, Prince, and Dr. Dre… He’s easily the most accurate, precise, and efficient recording artist the world has ever seen. He could do it all. He wanted the beat hooked up, everyone in the studio writing, hope on a verse, get another person to go, keep it going like clockwork. He’d rap to a click track if no one had beats!


How was it working at Death Row?

A giant party with Dr. Dre & The whole Dogg Pound family. The gauge was really, as I used to say, it was a good session if no one got hurt.


You’ve worked with many huge artists over the years tell us about working with Dr. Dre?

Dre is like the opposite of 2Pac. He’s not playing beats by numbers. Hand-crafted by the doctor. He knows if the songs are good if people start writing. I started working for Dre when they punched the engineer next door and I helped them do drums on (Gin & Juice).


What was the craziest thing to happen in the studio with Tupac?

One time a few rappers didn’t have verses. 2Pac turned the heat on and said, “I’ma make it hot like prison to get you m-f to write faster.” He took his shirt off started jumping around. It was hilarious. Really got the people moving !!!!


Below is the info on the book go check it out.


“The Makaveli Book” will be back on Kickstarter soon according to our communications from them in 10 days. We’re hoping everyone can SHARE our stuff on on Twitter or @themakavelibook on Instagram. Our counter-claim will more than likely be successful because of prior cases. (See official statement.


Regardless of the Kickstarter… expect the book anyday. I won’t comment any further, but sooner than anyone thinks.”