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Tucker Eb’s & JSmoov Out of the Darkness @tuckerebersole

This EP is to help shine light on depression and suicide awareness. It is giving you an insight in to my mind and the problems I struggled with. I made this project to let people know it’s okay to talk to someone if things aren’t going well and its alright to admit you’re sad. Sadness shouldn’t be thought of as a weakness. It’s apart of you that you must understand and learn from.
Track list:
1. Intro (Prod. Fitz G)
2. Underappreciated
3. Fast Lane (Prod. Erik Giovani)
4. Lord (Prod. Chris OG)
5. Pessimistic
6. 2 AM in PA
7. Off the Ledge
8. 1-800-273-8255
Twitter: @tuckerebersole