TT x Raph are a duo from Brum who make infectious Trap & B.  Borderline Trap, Bashment and Afro – they have a crossover appeal that is radio friendly, upbeat and positive.  Their latest single ‘Wait’ is available to stream on Spotify and is downloadable to DJ’s on


Sum up your journey so far?

T: The journey has been long and hard but at the same time fun and enjoyable. Best believe that we will be taking over the city in due time!

R: So far the journey has been both challenging and educational – learning a lot!

You’re from Birmingham UK – what’s it like being an artist in the 2nd city?

R: It’s good because it allows us to stand out slightly, but can be frustrating as well due to lack of support – that’s one thing I would really like to see change.

T: It’s challenging but at the same time a blessing. Most mainstream music comes from London but with Birmingham, we are unique.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned to date?

R: Always read through any contracts presented to you so you understand the clauses within them.

T: Most important thing I’ve learnt is to be myself. Be the best you, you can.

Your sound is very current and representative of what’s coming out of the UK – was that a conscious decision?

R: Yes & no…we understand this sound is current but have not sat down and thought about what our sound is.

T: We make music that we enjoy listening to whether it’s the latest or not – the main thing is that it’s accessible.

You’re family – how has that bond helped?

R: Well sometimes it means we tend to get into arguments quicker, but we’re family so we don’t take it to heart.

T: We are both blood related first cousins that make music that our own families can listen to – it plays a big part in our music.

How do you deal with differences regarding music and direction?

R: Usually we just find a common ground or one of us will compromise.

T: It’s organic and we just know what each other like and dislike. We both have the mindset to succeed.

Final thought?

R: When it comes fast…it never lasts. The journey is more important than the success.

T: I concur!


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