Towkio has been a Chicago artist you should be keeping your eyes out for. The rapper is part of Vic Mensa’s Save Money crew and has been staying on his grind, dropping very memorable music and continuing to push his creativity to the limit. Over the past few years, he’s been dropping new mixtapes and loose singles and continuing to prove that he’s one of Chicago’s stand-out artists. The last project he dropped was 2016’s Community Service 2 and now he’s gearing up for his upcoming major label debut with WWW. He hit up Zane Lowe today to premiere his latest record, “Swim.”

Towkio’s latest single is a cinematic in it’s sound. The song opens up with a light violin progression while Towkio starts off with a spoken word type piece. However, when the beat drops, acoustic guitar, a choir and church organs kick in to have you moving your feet. It’s an inspirational piece from Towkio. Considering everything that’s going on in the world, it’s a piece of work that encourages anyone listening to keep faith, especially during difficult times. This single is the third to come off of his upcoming project, WWW. The single also comes along with a creative lyric video that features him running through Chicago in the water’s reflection.

Towkio’s been teasing his upcoming project with the release of the previous two singles, “Drift” and “Hot Shit.” The three singles that he’s released so far are great introductions to his music, if you’re unfamiliar. “Swim” is definitely another single that’ll have you excited for his upcoming album, WWW.