Pac-man Skoou & Skim Lee presented their first project Just For Fun on June 13th. The 5 song EP gives listeners a chance to learn about the life of growing up in Port Tampa. Gotenks Intro introduces the pair to the world with the first song featuring the two artists together. Legacy & Bootyhead show off the personalities of the two artists, the songs explain struggles each individual dealt with growing up. These songs also create a vision of what these artists work towards in order to succeed. Off The Curb reunites the pair in a masterpiece which represents the bond they have shared since they were young. Handkerchief Feat. Money Mitch closes the EP with a feature from 14 year old Money Mitch. This project is about having fun, Skim & Skoou make it clear in lyrics they would never risk friendship for fame or money. More importantly this project is about having fun, so get lit when you’re listening and burn one!