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TOAFLoera – THERAFLU @TheRealHazey


The Baltimore “Trust Only A Few Records” record label creator and mysterious artist TOAFLoera randomly does it again with another beautiful project. Loera created his most recent mixtape “THERAFLU” as an invitation for us into what was a low point in his life. The narrative of “THERAFLU” is comprised detailed accounts of the following: losing his kids, failing at creating a family, losing friends, financial woes, and strained friendships. The project is truly inspiring and a testament to his methodical way of coping with and learning with what life throws his way. The project has very little features of anyone else other than his partner in crime and brother Ni-G. If we had to even reach to say this is more of a joint tape with the dynamic duo where TOAFLoera is bringing Ni-G more to the lime light to gain more attention. The two battle with trends of dabbing in & out of references to characters and situations of their favorite anime shows, showing they still value encryption and not laying all out to be known. When asked how the project came about Loera had this to say, “Free-styling for hours on end for days for undocumented venting. Once the deep feelings were all established and safely contained we mashed up concepts and went to town in the basement. In light of that aspect shout out to basement rap”. Click the link and tune in for yourselves the truly Immersive experience of TOAFLoera’s THERAFLU!


01. Wait (feat. Ni-G, TDFW)
02. 59 (feat, Ni-G)
03. Alice (feat. Ni-G)
04.  S-Rank (feat. Ni-G)
05. Way Up (feat. Ni-G)
06. Self-immolation (feat. Ni-G)
07.Free all my niggas (feat. Ni-G)
08. Ni-G now that I’m gone
09. I never (feat. Ni-G)