As the popularity of Hip-Hop grows, so does the talent that comes with it. Teezy TOO DOPE gives us a shining example of what is coming in the future of rap. Real LiFA is as unique as it is bold in it’s experimental sound, and walks you through what it’s like to live in the mind of Teezy. Real LiFA reminds you what the power of being unique can do for your art, by putting together a project that feels fresh while existing in a genre we know and love. His take on the sound is sure to make an impression on fans and industry people alike.

Producing for years before finally putting his own words on beat, TOO DOPE shows off his ability to make productions with melodies that get stuck in your head for days and delivers on drops that will give you shivers down your spine. This audible roller coaster elevates the project overall, giving it – and Teezy – a mystical sound that is unlike any artists in the mainstream scene. Real LiFA is a testament to the ability of the multi-talented Teezy TOO DOPE, and the entire Bandana Clan as a whole. Coming out of Chicago, Teezy TOO DOPE and his crew The Bandana Clan live the Real LiFA code to the fullest everyday. Reveling in their talent and innate sense of self in the face of a conformist industry, Teezy and his team are in for long-term success off the power of true originality. Keep a close eye on this one before it’s too late.


Instagram: @TeezyTOODOPE
Twitter: @HeyTeezyTOODOPE