So you’ve been making music since 2013, how’s that journey been for you?

The truth is Ive been making music for since I was 8 years old! 2013 was a more of  milestone year because I decided to really start pursuing music seriously. To find my sound, my brand and identity as an artist/producer. Even though I was working closely with my former production partner, I was getting some skin in the game….studying, getting close with my audience. Its been grounding to remember the time when I first started putting songs together to release.(2013) As time went on though I became more aligned with who I really am in this shit. Ive been so inspired by the greats of my generation and it can be tough to see past that, but thats all they are now is inspiration. The most recent release is essentially titled “For Nip”! He was and still is an amazing example of the progression of hip hop and the human race in general. Im glad I could pay some respects to him and his family.

Your New Project is out tell us more about it.

My latest release is called “For Nip”, a smooth, not quite old school but some what of a throw back. Im on platforms like Beatstars all the time releasing and finding inspiration. I stumbled upon the instrumental and started writing. It was like water….the lyrics flowed naturally. It came together pretty quick actually. I knew that the song was write for a single at least. Also to honor Nipsey Hussle! I do my best not to fight these type of things you. Im happy with the result and I hope others find it to be inspiring as well.

What artist are you feeling right now?

Honestly, artist like Rapsody, KID Pro and of course J Cole. Kendrick Lamar, Little Simz and I gotta say Spenser Sterling!

Top 5 rappers of all time to you?

Oh, thats a weighted question! LOL Although, in lieu of the recent top 50 rappers list debacle Ill add my 2 cents. 1. Nas 2. Eminem 3. 2pac 4. Biggie 5. Jay Z

Whats your next move?

What’d T.I. say! “Make your next move, your best move!” Im in project mode at the moment! September another single will release. October perhaps another video and November Ill be releasing a full project. Im feeling great about my progression overall and its been showing in action. I usually plan at least two projects ahead….well conceptually anyway. Ive written more than half the songs  and Ive been recording as well as working with new artists. Lots of stuff coming up though.

Tell the people where they can find your music and you online.

The best place for people to find me is My website has all the connections to my socials etc. I also have a contact page which is a direct link to me so I can answer any questions.

IG- @thesterlingexample and @mittmusic
Twitter- @spensersterling and @mittmusic
Current music link: