To the surprise of, well, nobody at all, Smokepurpp’s latest video finds the rapper holding a massive double cup’s worth of lean. The opening lines track confirms the young rapper’s love affair with the substance, as he half-sings half raps “everyday I’m on drugs, I think I can’t get enough.” It’s at once alarming to see an up-and-comer become so synonymous with a drug, but it’s also a major part of his image, so Purpp probably won’t be weaning off the sauce anytime soon. Yet dude is clearly making some big moves, as evidenced by his presence on a private jet.

While many might not care for the vibe he’s putting forth, there’s no denying that Smokepurpp and his cohort Lil Pump have captured the attention of a rabid young fanbase. It’s almost crazy to see footage from their live shows, and while Pump has become increasingly associated with his off-stage antics, Purpp has flown relatively under the radar in comparison. Perhaps it’s because beneath all the lean and gratuitous stripper footage, there is a creative mind out there. He does bring out some musical concepts and interesting melodies, and his upcoming album DEADSTAR will surely attest to that, at least to some extent.

Yet that doesn’t mean he’s not out there doing shit. The rapper told XXL about his intent with this video, telling director RaheemIsBlind “to just capture me in my natural element and fuse all of it together. Because of my lifestyle most of this was super random and filmed late at night.” Check out the clip in full, which is a hazy, NSFW blend of VHS style strip-club footage, private jet lean sipping, and nocturnal balcony hangouts.

Keep an ear out for DEADSTAR, which drops September 29th.