Savy Too Saucy is a talented artist from Riverside, California. He has released yet another single titled “FREAK”. Savy Too Saucy is gaining a lot of momentum on Spotify and encourages his fans to follow him on Spotify, Instagram, and Twitter. Also don’t forget to subscribe to his youtube channel under his rapper name. Freak is an outstanding song with an amazing beat giving off energetic energy that can’t help but put you into a good mood and dance along. Freak started as a collaboration with another artist, but with Savy keep himself on a strict time schedule for his growing fan base he released it as his own.  Savy Too Saucy is continuing to grow as an artist and it is very prevalent in his music if you have been following his journey thus far. He was unfortunately turned down from SXSW 2020, but will continue to grind for next year. Savy Too Saucy is on the rise, and if you want to witness an artist blow up first hand, this is the artist you want to watch. He sends his Thank you for everyone that is listening, don’t forget to follow him on Spotify, Instagram and twitter @savytoosaucy. His Merch can be found at Clothing line website:

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Social Media: Twitter & IG @savytoosaucy