Up and coming rapper, Trevon Stance (tREVON StANCE) quietly released a mixtape this past Friday amid questions concerning his recent lack of content. The tape entitled StANCE feature six tracks and finishes up at around eighteen minutes. The mixtape has a slightly more complete and professional sound than his EP released in July, but still features the same level of lyrical content relationships.

Overall, the tape is solid, but two songs stand out in particular. “Let’s Talk” and “Something Real” come in third and fourth on StANCE’s track listi and they are both relatively introspective songs with very personal anecdotes. The mixtape is sure to bring a new group of listeners into StANCE’s fanbase as he continues to grow. As an artist, StANCE is sure to shake things up in the Midwest rap scene as he brings a refreshing level of skill to the rap game. Check out “Let’s Talk” and the rest of StANCE below!