23-year old Toronto artist RamRiddlz has been our radar since 2015 when he first exploded onto the scene with his “Sweeterman” record. Having caught the eye of Toronto’s own Drake, who then remixed the record, RamRiddlz has spent the past couple years trying to capitalize off his momentum & grow his fanbase with a slew of random singles. Last year, Ram treated fans to a mini EP called Venis, but now it’s officially album time. Keeping his word from a few weeks ago, RamRiddlz decides to come through today & share his long awaited debut album Sweeter Dreams.

Laced with 12 records in total, the follow up to last year’s Venis EP serves as a strong introduction into the Toronto native as it finds him tackling production all by himself over beats from Jaegen, Mano, 1Mind, Jono, Rex Kudo, and more. It’s currently led by the previously heard singles “Pop Rocks” & “Sweeter Dreams,” the latter of which was premiered on OVO Sound Radio a couple weeks ago.

“[I] had the opportunity to record all around Europe, made a couple songs in the UK, made some in Belgium, made one in Amsterdam. I went through some shit this year, you know. Definitely feel like I’ve grown, not only as an artist but as a person.” Ram told Complex a couple days ago.

“On this new project, there’s a little bit of love on there. I didn’t fully lose the dirtbag. He’s still there, you know? When I was making this music, I was going through a breakup. The tape is definitely where I was at over the past few months. I made every song in the past four months, pretty much before and after Europe. You can hear the heartbreak and you can hear me getting over it and then you can hear me like, Oh, Ramz is back. Every song, in its own way, is like a chapter.”

Available on iTunes, fans can stream the project in its entirety via Apple Music & Spotify. Hit play & let us know what record you’re feeling the most?