At this point, it’s safe to say that if you have had any engagement with the world wide web at all in the past year, then you probably know all about R. Kelly and the giant scandal that has especially come to surface during this past year. With the release of the docu-series Surviving R. Kelly, those who knew nothing about the disgraced RnB singer, got a shocking reality check, and those who have been casually following his controversies since his 2008 child pornography case (where he walked away a free man), became SURE of the atrocities he inflicted on young girls, and women alike. Less than a week ago, news arrived that Kelly had finally been arrested, on new sex crime charges, whilst he was casually out walking his dog. This came as bad news to some (mostly Kelly himself), good news to most (especially the family members of Kelly’s present sex cult victims), but was probably not surprising to anyone. Now, locked up behind bars for the foreseeable future, TMZ reports that Kelly is happily accepting his place in solitary confinement, fearing the retaliation of fellow inmates.

Kelly’s attorney, Nicole Blank Becker, has revealed to the publication, that during her recent visit with the singer in federal prison, he let it be known to her that he’s perfectly happy being in solitary, as he believes his life would be in “real danger” if he was to be placed with all the other inmates in gen pop. Although Kelly feels “safer” in solitary, his attorney is saying that it will actually end up creating problems for him, as he has “no one to lean on.” In case you didn’t know, Kelly is illiterate, and the fact that he can’t read or write, makes “even the most mundane tasks super difficult.” Being in solitary confinement also further isolates Kelly because of the lack of communication with the outside world he is granted, in comparison to those in gen pop. While he only has access to a phone for a total of 15 minutes a month to speak with family and friends, inmates in general pop have access to the phone any time they want. There’s also no access to the outside world through TV or the internet. Where do you guys think Kelly would be better off?