Inspirations coming from the Greats like Roc-A-Fella, Diplomatic Immunity better known as Dipset, and The L.O.X, GYB members Pretty G G Pretty, Don Dadda, & Kam’Geez link up on a classic 90s Hip Hop beat produced by the legendary Timberland “Ryde or Die Chick” by The L.O.X, Drag-on and Eve. The Set easily makes this beat their own at the same time bringing that Hip Hop flavor back in our ears! What this game been missing, authenticity at its finest, the City of Boston got something special going on here, so stay in tuned with the GYB movement! “By Blood” GRIPMIX below!

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IG/Twitter: @prettyg_gyb @dondadda_gyb @high.end.geezgyb