I got the song tighten up. It sounds official now. I hope people will enjoy.

I am from Oakland, California I was raised there. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I started doing music as a hobby in 2008 and I decided to take music serious in 2018. This is my first single called “Servin Packs” This is the first single from my second EP I will be releasing called “Still Servin EP” a 5 song EP. I go by Nate Dezzie The God (Wavy McBags) Wavy Gang is my brand/label. I am an unsigned independent artist.

Personal statement about the song for the press release (3-5 sentences): This song “Servin Packs is a song that explains how someone that is selling cocaine for a living produces product for demand. There is a catchy hook and the verses are delivered sharply. This is definitely a fresh new track for the trap music scene.

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