Out of all the albums coming out of the G.O.O.D Music camp these days, the one that’s been the most mysterious is Nas’. There hasn’t been too much information about it revealed. Instead, he’s allowed influencers and other people involved help him deliver the message to the masses. At this point, no one knew what the title of his forthcoming album would be but as we inch closer to midnight, it seems as if the title and the cover art have finally been revealed.

The title of Nas’ upcoming album has been revealed by Elliot Wilson. His new album will simply be titled, Nasir, his full first name. It’s a simple yet powerful title in a lot of ways. The cover art was shared by Elliot Wilson’s RapRadar co-host, B.Dot.

It could be one of his most personal projects to date based off the fact that he’s using his real name for it. We haven’t heard a lot from Nas since 2012’s Life Is Good. There’s a lot of things that happened since then so we’re eager to hear what Nas has to say not only about his own life but the world around him.

Unlike ye and Kids See Ghosts, hopefully the album will make its way onto streaming services promptly at midnight. Nas is hosting the listening party tonight in Queens. We’re sure snippets from the party will make its way onto the Internet before the album drops.