Master P’s ex-wife Sonya Miller Speaks About Infidelity, how the Industry changed their marriage for Better & Worse PLUS the messy divorce. After the original video interview where Sonya spoke candidly with Lashaun Turner about her situation with Master P.,  she addressed some of the comments left on the video (most of which were nasty).


Alot of people shared your first interview over social media, how do you feel about that?

I was a private person and thought It was my struggle to deal with, plus I was not ready to tell my story. Then when I was ready, so many outlets would not touch me because of Master P, but my Publicist was rocking with a whole different team and she said F*** that, I have your back, so I went for it knowing other women would relate. I feel proud that I picked myself up and dusted myself off. Now it’s like a weight has been lifted, like I can breathe again, if that makes sense.


Why do you describe yourself as having been the rock in your family?

I had to be, my husband (ex-husband) was out there making money and doing him, so my kids had no-one else but me. I’m not going to say he was absent, but his presence was not always there.

Your son Romeo Miller said on ‘Growing up Hip Hop’ that you were suing him. Did you sue your son?

No, I never sued my son, Master P had passed some of the businesses down to our son, so I was suing the Company, not my son, it wasn’t until that time I found out my son was the owner.

 Are you a drunk & have you ever done drugs like crack?

I’ve had my fair share of hanging out with my friends and I’ve gotten toasted. But I am not a drunk- just a social drinker. As far as drugs like crack, I grew up in the projects, crack was everywhere, I had family and friends on crack like everybody else. We’ve all had to deal with someone we love on crack, but personally no, I’ve never done crack even though I was married to the IceCream Man. The herbal flow ( Marijuana) is not a drug and is legal in California where I reside.

People say you look like a coke head and a drunk?

To those people I know I look great to have had 7 kids, gone through a divorce, been cheated on and a host of other things. Personally, everyone has gone through something in their life. My life experience has just made me even stronger and more determined to do me while I stay calm, cool and collected when people come for me. The more mature I get the better I feel because fewer people take my energy which gives me more time for new love and life, ya know.

Speaking of love, have you every dated Floyd Mayweather and has Master P ever dated Tiny (T.I’swife)?

Lol, I have never had relations with that man (Mayweather) but we have come in contact with one another being in the same circle and as far as Tiny Harris and Master P, from what I know they are just business partners.

Do you think you deserve half of your ex-husband, Master P’s alleged multi-million dollar estate?

I helped him build NO LIMIT, gave him seven kids, stayed at home with my kids while he ran streets and had outside kids, gave up my rap career to be mother and wife. So, what do you the public think?

Final Question, one of our commenters said and I quote “This is why I don’t date Black Women, Black Men when you get that chance to date or marry outside of your race do it.” What are your feelings on that?

Lol, yea some black Men do but most stay by their black woman through the good and the bad to build a strong Black Family bond so that their kids will continue to be strong adults. As black women we understand the struggle of the black man and vice versa. So, I can’t speak for the women or men that date outside their race, but I did what I had to for my family, with and without Master P.

Any final words or thoughts?

Yes, I am the true First Lady of NO LIMIT, my parents owned a record store back in the day called Reflection Records and Tapes in the 9th Ward of New Orleans, LA. After Master P and I graduated high school we moved to California and I opened No Limit Records and Tapes as an extension of Reflection Records. No Limit Records and Tapes was one of the ways we used to fund our rap careers. At some point we moved back to New Orleans. Later, we formed the group ‘No Limit’ in which they signed to “In-A-Minute Records” because the label had already signed me. Then, “In-A-Minute Records” brought on ‘No Limit’ as me (Sonya C) being the first artist then all the other artists back then were signed to ‘No Limit’ because of me, basically. So yes, I helped make it what it became and is today! Sadly I get none of the recognition for my contributions.