Tell us about your current project?

“The Rise To Greatness” is my first solo album a long time in the making. It will feature artist from both my Camps D.C.R Global Media/D.C.R Universal Media (X-Calibur,K.C.P. Tha Artist, A.R.S.O.N. Da Kid), and Boss Money Music Group (Jo $auce and Vicious Vick ). Featuring beats from producers like Monte Malaki, Logy Beats, A.R.S.O.N. Da Kid, Geo Definite, Mr. Cope, Anno Domini, Sinima Beats, and Zaytoven. The expected release of the album is 4-20-20. Also, The Rise To Greatness Mixtape will drop a month before the album with some brand new material from my group the First Family of Da South along with some previously unreleased material.


Who is your biggest inspiration lyrically and why? Who is your biggest inspiration musically?

My biggest inspiration lyrically is a tie between Nas,2 pac and Andre 3000. When I first heard the Stillmatic album I fell in love with Nas wordplay “Rewind” was one of the dopest songs that I have ever heard in my life, That album had “Ether”  on it and it Taught me if your gonna make a diss record it needs to be the hottest shit out! Pac’s “Me Against the World” album was in my cd player for years. When I first heard “Death Around the Corner” I knew Pac was one of the dopest to ever do it. That song is one of my all-time favorites. I grew up on the Northside of Atlanta so Outkast was hands down my favorite artists coming out of the Organized Noise era. When I started to become, a lyricist was only a year after high school. DJ Unk had dropped that “Walk It Out Remix”. As soon as I heard Andre 3000s voice sayin ” Walk it out like Usher, if you say real talk I probably wont trust ya…” I knew I wanted to be a lyricist.

Musically though, It was Atlanta artist Kilo Ali who’s music was the first album I ever purchased. I didn’t realize it till years later that his album ‘Organized Bass” was under the Organized Noise umbrella. His music was so dope to me as a kid.  I didn’t realize I had adopted his style and made it my own when I first started making music. There are a few others that helped mold my artistry growing up. Artists like Bone Thugs N Harmony, Nate Dogg, Blackstreet, Raphael Saadiq, go back a little further and I listen to a lot of Earth Wind & Fire, Bill Withers and the Isley Brothers. If You listen closely you can hear the influences of all these great artist’s, and  that without them there would be no Diezel The Great! But that’s just my Hip Hop and R&B side. It gets deeper when you add in my rock influences but I’ll save that for a rock article.


What’s your process like for making music?

My process for making music is simple. I turn on a beat and will know when it’s the right beat for me because I’ll start to hear a melody in my head. I literally press record and start recording the melody using no words just gibberish. Then I go back and start putting words to the melody I just recorded.  The concept will develop itself as I write. I’ll do this process even when im not in the studio and just record the melody on my phone.


What is the one experience in life that without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?

In 2011 I had the chance to meet Doug E Fresh.  I handed him my mixtape from my group A.T.L.A. (All True Lyrical Artists) called “St Valentines Day Massacre” it was hosted by Shadyville Dj’s. I remember I told him “yo I don’t want you to do anything but listen, I don’t want no favors, no deals just listen to it. Because one of these days I’m gonna meet you again and we are gonna do the “Virgo remix” his eyes got real big and he said to me… you know who is on that song right? And looked at him and said yup and I’m gonna be on the remix.”  That moment is what changed my drive for this music because I have to do this so my words can be true, I have to see it go full circle. I wanna look him in his eyes again knowing that this was a long journey but I made it happen, I wanna see the look on his face when I show him the picture from that day because I know he will remember the day he met me!


What is next for you? What do you want your supporters to know about you?

What I want to do is get a glaucoma non profit agency going where we will help pay medical bills and prescription cost for uninsured people in this country. In December I almost lost my vision completely to this disease. I feel like I’m one of the youngest people to ever suffer from this. I was being bothered by my vision for a few months and figured I just needed to get some glasses again because I haven’t had a pair since like 06 so I went in to Americas best thinking I’m gonna get some glasses right quick and the Dr. was like whoa you need to go see a specialist.  I’m sittin there like huh? A specialist? That sounds like its gonna be expensive and I was right, this visit was gonna cost me like 300$.  Went to the specialist and did all the tests and the doctor had never seen anything like it before which freaked me out.  She ended up scared I was goin to lose this battle cuz my eye pressure was so high it was a miracle I hadn’t lost the vision in my right eye already.  She ended up not even charging me for my visit but 100$.  I needed to get the eyedrops and it was gonna cost me like 700$ to get them with no insurance. She gave me every free bottle sample she had, I just didn’t have the money to save my vision and without her help I would be completely blind in my 30s. I’m goin to make it where I can do what this Lady did for me for others because I’ts one of the scariest things I ever faced. All I could think about was my music and how I wouldn’t be able to do what I love the same way anymore or how I would never see my kids again or never witness Cam Newton hoisting up that Lombardi trophy one day, or how I would never watch another Marvel Universe movie.  My next project is going to be Glaucoma awareness for sure!


 How can people support your new music right now!?

My music is available on all streaming platforms and you can follow me on Instagram: @diezelthegreat on twitter: @big_diezel and on facebook: