URG7 is an accomplished Recording Artist with (46) Studio Releases (16) Mix-tapes and hundreds of features. He’s opened for acts such as Eddie Griffin Chaka Khan, W.C. The Dogg Pound, Suga Free, Kokane, Ice Cube, Exzibit, Justified, Bad Azz, & India. He’s appeared on several Television shows including American’s Got Talent and Love & Hip-hop Atlanta. URG7 talks about his career exclusively with Lashaun Turner for 247HiphopNews:


Where are you from?

I’m from Compton California. Growing up off of 119 & Wilmington down the street from the now infamous Martin Luther King Hospital aka “killa king” in the 80’s & 90’s due to it’s high volume of trauma related incidents.

Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense, and in what way(s)?

Yes my surroundings definitely helped my creative sense in the fact that the Hub-City was just that, it’s not just a slang name for the CPT, in my era it was literally a Central Hub off Central Blvd. A Hub of Musicians, Artists, Dancer’s Guitarists, Designers, DJs, Emcees, Singer’s, & pretty much anything else you needed to acquire.  The city & its institutions & venues forever shaped my emotions & feelings being on stage in a talent show & hearing the crowd go bananas. Dr.Dre & his crew playing our school Sock-Hops is what they called them then, being influenced by so much rich sound & culture. Going to Dooto’s Music Centre or Skateland U.S.A.

The Gang’s, The Police, The Neighborhood’s & Street Politics all played a part in my development as a person & artist, it’s like learning to walk around land mines, shit could pop at any minute.

What did you start doing first, producing or rapping? How did you get started?

Back in grade school I started mimicking artist like The Sugar Hill Gang & Rudy Ray Moore aka Blow Fly and saying dirty rap songs we heard on a bunch of one of my friend’s brother’s albums we weren’t supposed to be listening too or even have access too.  Well my government name being Gerald and one of the members of The Sugar Hill Gang was called Master Gee everyone @ school & in the neighborhood started to call me Lil Master Gee & so it began by the time I was 9.  I was writing poems & poetry and by the time I was 13 I was writing my own songs.  By high school graduation I had secured my 1st Official Record Deal with the then Eclipse Records. That was 1997. & producing was further down the line when I finally realized not many Producers could rival or match my work ethic.

How would you describe your own style?

I would describe my style as lyrical yet pimpish depending on the track, I’m actually engaging. I also sell records as a completely different artist G-avanni who’s literally a PIMP but also is my alter ego, but yes I love stories & lyrical type joints club songs & love songs are cool too if & when the track should dictate, I usually do whatever the music makes me feel.

What do you think of the hip-hop scene in the Los Angeles right now?

The Hip-hop scene is cool lots of artist lots of shows, I’m not really with a lot of the politics that go along with this industry but if you’re in it, you know that’s just part of it I’m glad it’s the melting pot it’s always been. Artist should properly research and study the culture they are so desperately trying to be part of. Know the (4) elements of Hip-hop, study those. Respect the culture, the great’s, & veterans who all paved the way with incredible sacrifices both personal as well as at times legal ramifications to get us to the point where we are today. No culture vultures and stop allowing new comers to disrespect legend.

Which latest songs, videos, or mixtapes releases are currently available to your fans and where can they be heard or downloaded?

There are over 60 albums streaming & available now everywhere digital music is sold simply Search Urg7.  My distributor has most on CD baby just Search Urg7 but the songs are available on all digital platforms foreign & domestic. With mixtapes streaming @ YouTube Urg7 as well as Vimeo Urg7 & over a hundred features streaming to date.


What is next for you? What do you want your supporters to know about you?

Wherever God sends my direction, I’m Just working on new music, developing my brand with my crew The Drodians. Completing a few more scripts I’ve accepted while simultaneously working on a Documentary about my life & growing up in Cali, as well as an Audio Book.

For my fans know that I love you all there are truly no words to describe your love & support it has the ability to leave a man of many words speechless. I’m working harder than ever but if you know me you know that, everything I do I do for you. Most artists die before completing their masterpiece later for that very thing to be named by someone far removed from the actual artist.  I’m leaving my content behind for you, my family & the generations that follow.

Leaving nothing in the tank leaving it all on the field, remember everybody wants the rainbow but you can only get to the rainbow through & after the rain

Weather your Storm.