Jungle Book (Part 1), hosted by Droskii, is Money Mitch’s debut mixtape. Money Mitch gives his fans 13 free songs in preparation for Part 2. Jungle Book (Part 2) will only be streamable on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc… 14 year old Mitch just started 9th grade, but his true passion is music.
Jungle Book represents Money Mitch’s life growing up in Port Tampa. Wrist Workwya & Thotties present features from Salathiel, FMA Montana & Qualo. These three artists, who are actual brothers, exhibit the true Port Tampa, Rembrandt, SoG sound. Intro (I Need The Smoke) & Summertime freestyle feature Pac-man Skoou & Skim Lee. These songs present a glimpse of Toggle Money, and the artists who Money Mitch spends the most time with. All five of these songs reflect Port Tampa culture. Finesse Kids with Yung Rairii is a Florida styled song by Money Mitch and his best friend Riley Crider. Ballin’ & Stop it feature Florida icons Big Baby & Vaughny Vo. Dusk, Carlos freestyle, I Might, Mazi & Outro (Bare Necessities) are all solo tracks by Money Mitch these songs present a brand new wave, a style unlike any other artist.
Overall Jungle Book Part 1 captures a unique approach to music and Hip Hop. Money Mitch created a masterpiece with his first official mixtape.