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Milo – Who Told You To Think​?​?​!​!​?​!​?​!​?​! [New Mixtape] @yomilo


It’s been a minute since an underground rapper came through with such a dense batch of clever lyricism and wordplay. The rapper known simply as Milo, which, depending on what story you believe, derives from the book The Phantom Tollbooth or stands as an acronym for “maybe I like owls.” Regardless, the Chicago-born, Maine raised, Wisconsin repping rapper has provided a rich and interesting album for all of ya’ll.

A far cry from some of the more popular modern music, Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!? celebrates the art of the reference. Milo clearly knows his fair share of geek staples, yet reps them in a way that’s witty and intelligent. Over production that tends to operate in the lo-fi end of the spectrum, the hazy aesthetic  employs horn loops and glitchy synths to prove its multiple points.

As far as bars, Milo comes consistently with high quality lyrics, never shying away from some more conceptually abstract themes. While he’s nowhere near as poetically cryptic, he’s more Aesop Rock than A$AP Rocky. Still, the young rapper weaves deftly between the territory of accessible and overly “artistic.” Take a look at some of the song titles –  “The Young Man Has A Point (Nurture),” Paging Mr. Bill Nunn,” and “Ornette’s Swan Song” come to mind. On the surface they might mean nothing, but through the power of imagination and respect for his craft, Milo makes sure we never stray too far.