In case you’ve been out of the loop, the underground villain DOOM has been steady rolling out a string of unreleased gems. In fact, the rapper has teamed up with television network Adult Swim to deliver The Missing Notebook Rhymes, which is something of an unofficial (yet official) album. Basically, a new unreleased DOOM track drops every week, and the fifteen cuts will ultimately make up The Missing Notebook Rhymes. Officially licensed and curated by DOOM, but not technically an album as we know it.

Still, we’re six weeks into the movement, and the project is shaping up to be fire so far. While nothing has yet to match the lyrical onslaught that was “Notebook 03, “Notebook 05” still has plenty to offer Doom fans looking for some of his trademark style. The brief release only clocks in at under a minute and a half, but the comic-book style production was enough to bring out a familiar face. It wouldn’t be right if MF DOOM didn’t bring one of his alter egos back into the fold, and “Notebook 05” marks the return of the notorious Viktor Vaughn.

While Adult Swim creative director Jason DeMarco teased that some of these DOOM tracks might actually stem from some of the rapper’s ongoing projects, The Missing Notebook Rhymes is shaping up to have a level of cohesiveness some rappers can’t achieve in their own albums. On that note, it’s hard not to think that DOOM is mounting a comeback – not only has there been this whole movement, but MF DOOM has also announced a collaborative album with Shady Record & Griselda’s Westside Gunn. That album, which has yet to land a release date, should be coming soon. For now, enjoy the latest joint from DOOM, as brief as it may be.