Your New Project is out tell us more about it.

Yes, I am very excited, since this is my first single ever released. So the special part about my single (and all of my upcoming songs that I write or have written) is, that I pay attention to make sure, that every single word I write in my lyrics is exactly written down to show how things exactly happened to me in my life. The song is about an argument I had with someone that is very very very close to me, and is about another song that I first wanted to release actually. “I Don´t Know Why” is about regret and resistance, kind of like “I will release the song and I don´t care about if they are going to hate me and if you guys see it too real and hurting”. But I wanted to respect the person and decided to not release the first song. So here you have my debut single “I Don´t Know Why” that turned around my and other peoples lifes already.


What artist are you feeling right now?

I am really impressed by Taylor Swift, since her lyrics are so close to her real life and it is really exciting to listen to what she has to say about her present and her past. Another artist that I very much enjoy listening to is Lana Del Rey, I like her very very unique vintage style of music and that it never gets old. Because the way she is expressing her life stories through her music is just something I could literally listen to all day long, and I actually do. If I love a song and it hits me or my feelings, it wins my ears and it´s gonna be on replay for a long long time. These are just two of all the great artists I love listening to and fully support.


Top 5 rappers of all time to you?

My Top 5 rappers of all time are:


1.   Eminem, because I literally grew up with his music through my sister and love his “in your face” lyrics so hard, and that he´s not holding back while doing that.

2.   Post Malone, his songs are so melodic and I love the emotion of his songs that you can hear him express so much!

3.   Cardi B, she has really came from a kind of dark and hopeless place and did so much to achieve the goals of her dreams being in the music industry. I enjoy her songs and for sure her personality too.

4.   Drake is also one rapper that I really enjoy listening to, since the songs he created are the ones that sound so much like summer. He has so many songs for just relaxing, sitting at the beach and enjoying life.

5.   Nicki Minaj is also someone who I really enjoy listening too and her personality is really big in warmth and I just love how she appears anywhere.




Whats your next move?

I am focusing to get my debut single out there in the world more and can´t tell you much about my upcoming release. I know I need to talk more about upcoming music plans but people will know about it at the right time, that´s for sure. I have planned everything out. Every single move.


Tell the people where they can find your music and you online.

People can check out my person, my music and my life on my official Website, My Twitter (@melvinskmusic), Instagram (@melvinskofficial) and Facebook (@melvinskofficial too. And they can listen to my song on every single streaming service that exists as well as at every digital music store out there.


Thank you so much for reading this interview and I really hope you like to get to know more about me and my music.

Music link: (Will be sent to you guys on Friday, since some of the music streaming links are available when the single is out on Friday)

Twitter: @melvinskmusic