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Meet Cody Tyler @purplecodytyler

I am Cody Tyler the one soul that anyone can relate to on different levels. In ways I’m in there shoes one way or another.  I’m a rising artist who’s had his share of pain in life and at times still battles with the internal multitude of depression. I’m riding to make it to the next level for the world. I want to help people with my music. When you see me you see yourself because I am you! I know what your going through. I’m riding for you….
Upcoming debut project “lightkidera”
It’s a project that’s for the everyday person who’s trying to make it! It’s been done for 2 years now. I spent all my money on it missed meals and just battled the hardships. It’s got something for everyone on it and you can relate to it. The sound is unlike anything you’ve heard. When you hear it you hear “heart”.
Upcoming musical short film I’m Ridin
It’s going to be a masterpiece we’re working very hard on it and “a.m. Fine is directing . I’m excited he’s very seasoned and has shot for drake on one of his tours as well . He’s got the skills and attitude needed to capture the right components. The song “I’m Ridin” is my current single which is doing well. It’s also been playing in Toronto around the clock . It’s been floating for a while now and people love the track. In essence I’m like “let’s take it to the next level”.