Abdoulaye Diop (born October 15, 1990), known professionally as Majestic Drama, is a Senegalese American music producer born in Dakar, Senegal. He moved to New york at the age of 14 and discovered his favorite go-to DAW (FL STUDIO) at the age of 15. In 2010, Majestic used soundclick as a vehicle to reach the masses with his music and the rest became history.
“Wale – Mathematics ” How did that song come together?
Vinay from TODAY (APG/Warner) had sent me a few melody ideas to collaborate on and the piano in Mathematics was one of them. I was inspired from the minute I heard it and decided to do something crazy with the drums and this was 2 years ago.
Were you aware that Wale was going to use your work? Because as a producer, you can be the guy making amazing beats a day and hoping something lands somewhere.
To be honest, we really didn’t know the beat would end up anywhere. So the Wale news was really a surprise.
That’s tight! What software was used to create the beat and what instrument were used in the production process ?
We used FL studio for the beat. When it comes to drums, nothing beats FL studio!
Were you a fan of wale before “Mathematics”?
Of Course. I feel like Wale is so underrated and it hurts. I see him as a poet & artist, not just a rapper.
Whats your favorite Wale song and why?
As of now it’s Fine Girl off the album (shine). It has that nasty bounce with the right melody to grab you.
What’s your opinion on SHINE’s first week album sales?
I believe Wale has addressed this but in my opinion lack preparation for the release may be the reason. Nowadays it’s hard to tell because the demands of the masses constantly changes. We have a new generation of youngsters interring the market and things are changing. SHINE as an album to me is a masterpiece and I am happy to be apart of it.
Are you currently signed? if yes, what advice can you give to upcoming to producers
I am currently with BMG Rights Management. It’s a well known publishing company, formerly Sony BMG. As a creator in the music industry it’s always best to remain independent. If you can create the opportunities yourself then props to you but it takes a lot of work. The goal for publishers is to protect your rights while creating placement opportunities for you.
How does one get a publishing deal?
The entertainment industry is all about clout. Clout is who you know. Clout is how major your production catalog is. Clout is your leverage for getting what you want when it comes to contracts. The more clout you possess, the more options, power and flexibility you have in your hands.
What’s next for you?
I have recently placed a record in Germany. My goal now is to conquer the world and everything in it hahaha.