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Lil Peep Comes Out As Bi-Sexual


If you’re unaware, Lil Peep is one of the new faces of rap, at least, one of the new faces for the new generation anyways. He’s the leader amongst the emo-rap wave currently taking off, with a tatted face, pastel-colored hair (now chopped off and blonde for his album cover), and a dark aesthetic that does indeed borrow from emo-punk-rock predecessors.

The Long Beach-bred rapper has already amassed millions of views on Soundcloud & Youtube, building his buzz to a new high as he gets ready to release his debut album on August 18th Come Over when You’re Sober Vol. 1. Well before that arrives, Lil Peep decided to reveal quite the news on Tuesday that could ultimately help or jeopardizee his growing buzz, that he’s bi-sexual.

Lil Peep decided to hop on Twitter Tuesday afternoon & announce that he’s bi-sexual. “Yes I’m bi sexual” he tweeted, before asking followers “who wants a kiss?”

Peep’s fans took the announcement with an open mind, supporting the 20-year old for coming out. One fan wrote “I support this peep,” while another tweeted “Das cool just keep dropping bangers.” Some even took their shot at Peep, asking “Do I have a chance with you now?”

Check out Peep’s tweet (below) and let us know your thoughts.