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Lil Durk & Lil Reese – Supa Vultures [EP Stream] @LilDurk @LilReese300


Making its way to fans one day before its anticipated release, the new EP from Lil Durkand Lil Reese called Supa Vultures arrives with a bang. Full of sub-rattling production and strong delivery, this joint venture is the best work that both of the emcees have put out in some time.

The vibe and the presumed quality of these collection of songs was signaled by the pre-release single “Distance,” which communicated the feeling of the gritty, street-wise comeuppance of their youths in a very articulate way.  “Reese does his thing with the streets and I do too,” Lil Durk told Billboard. “Plus I’m melodic. Our early collaborations got a good response. We’ve been working with each other since we were 16.” After ascending in their respective careers mostly flying solo, it’s nice to see these childhood friends back making such a pristine EP.