About KY‘ORiON


Young creative from Birmingham, England, by the name of KY’ORiON. (Aka KY’O, aka BrumCityNappyHeadedHippie, aka 1147, aka BiG DRiP)


KY’ORiON started his journey from Birth as a child who has always been fascinated and involved somehow in music. He took his passion seriously and founded his media company in 2011, TheFactoryMedia LTD (THEFAC’, TF) & started his YouTube Page which has a steady growing core fan base.


By the age of 20 he had funded & built his own studio himself.

This is where he met & collaborated with local & international links. His studio became a hub and a place that allowed him to meet & build his team.

Meeting with & gaining respect from known local artists & entrepreneurs”, meant he was given opportunities to perform all around the country every weekend & got him 3 international bookings in 1 year.


Upcoming Projects

KY’ORiON has linked with super producer “Mighty Joe” & created a 3-part project called “RETROFuTuRiSM”, which will be released summer 2019. As well as this he has several projects that he is working on ready for the winter!

More music and videos to come!


Why Finally Here?


“Finally Here” is the 1st song from my previous tape “Goldsoul”.

All throughout my tapes, I have been linking my releases to the previous release before it. My new tape is “RETROFuTuRiSM” – I have been waiting for a long time to release this project and now it’s “FiNALLY HERE” !


What is Retrofuturism?


RETROFuTuRiSM is a trilogy made by me and produced by Birmingham producer Mighty Joe. I have recently released Part 1 of the trilogy on YouTube, Spotify and all streaming platforms. It links old school sounds with new school flows & new wave sounds with some old school flows! There’s a storyline involved, based on the direction of humanity, set in the future…audio movie style!


Explain the vibe of Finally Here? / Why did you write Finally Here?


I wrote this song at a time of my life where I felt like everything was going wrong, which is probably not what you expected if you’ve heard the song as it is very happy and uplifting. I needed to feel like I had “finally made it big”, and I used the feeling of what it would it be like to get everything I want, to make the song and speak it into existence. I use my music as a form of manifestation, as well as helping people with their issues through me dealing with my own and speaking about them in my music.

How did the video come about – describe the video?


The video happened randomly, I was at the studio with the mandem, chilling in the car park smoking in my car, then “Jess Nasa Productions” (the director) called me and said she was in Brum.  She came to the studio and said she’d never filmed a music video before…but she wanted to do one. I showed her the song and the rest was history!


Manifestation – explain a bit more – what does it mean to you?


I heard a couple quotes when I was young:

“If you got everything you ever wanted now, are you ready to receive it?”

“You get what you ask for”

“If you can see it you can achieve it”.


These have always stuck with me before I found out about manifestation or “The Secret” (law of attraction).  How you think is how you feel, how you feel is how you act, how you act determines your outcomes throughout the day / month / year / in your life. Change how you think about yourself and the world around you and everything changes. Being depressed and down attracts more of the same. The key is to feel as if you have everything you want… right now!


Final thoughts?


Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do; whatever you want, go get it!

“RETROFuTuRiSM” is “FiNALLY HERE”!! My Spotify’s lit!