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Kirko Bangz – Taking Pictures [New Song] @KirkoBangz


Mere moments ago, Kirko Bangz blessed us with his new mixtape Progression 17, which featured sixteen tracks worth of melodic bangers. While narrowing down one to pick, it’s hard to resist the unapologetic and utterly braggadocious nature of an  ode to the ladies. Like Jay-Z’s classic “Girls, Girls, Girls” before it, “Taking Pictures” is in some ways a spiritual successor. While Kirko Bangz and Jay-Z’s styles vary, the lyrical content and subject matter are definitely similar.

Kirko even spends some time breaking down his harem by race, citing off the benefits and character traits of each one. Kirko clearly doesn’t discriminate, stating he generally “likes bitches,” but he does enjoy his “Arabic bitch from Michigan” who keeps sending him pictures, and his Spanish chick who gets irate whenever she’s being neglected.

With a breezy, vocal sample-heavy beat from Trakksounds, the “Girls, Girls, Girls” similarities strengthen. However, when Jay’s track dropped back in 2001, the technology was hardly as advanced as it is now. If you consider the camera phones back then, well, you’d be lucky to even make out the contour of a nipple. Now, Kirko Bangz has the benefit of a high definition world, and he’s clearly loving every second of it.

Check out the track now, and if you’re feeling the vibe, go peep the mixtape.

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