Race Against Time. Indiana native K.Swoe first made his mark
with a set of stellar cameos on Famsquad’s “Divded We Fall” project.
Listeners jumped out of their seats when they heard his scene stealing
chorus on “I Get Me Me” featuring Sir Michael Rocks. Now it’s Swoe’s turn
to tell his story. “Free Before Midnight” has the airy feel of a movie
soundtrack and the vocal mastery of a grizzled veteran. The single is his
first offering from his debut project “The Gathering” arriving this
spring. Stream “Midnight” below and read Swoe’s official explanation on
the theme of the project.

K.Swoe: “What is the first thing people do when they get ready to move
themselves from one place to another? They gather up all the shit they
need and leave the rest. (The Gathering) represents a person in transition
as they make a better life for themselves.”

Twitter Handle: @KSwoeOfficial