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Jay Z And Beyonce’s Mash-Up Album Is Insanely Good


19-year old Producer Amorphous decided to mashup Jay Z and Beyonce’s classics and the result is fantastic.

Jay Z and Beyonce are easily two of the most innovative and groundbreaking artists of our time. Though they’ve worked together on several tracks throughout the years we’ve never seen a joint full length project from the two. Amorphous found a way to fill that void by combining the two’s best songs to create something marvelous.

“I was playing one of Jay’s tracks in the car,” he said, “and I started to sing ‘Formation’ over the beat. I immediately rushed home as I knew that I had something interesting on my hands and got to working. I completed it in several minutes, adding some small production elements of my own…I [tried] to find songs that worked together lyrically in some aspects but truly complimented each other,” he told Complex.

The young producer is definitely a smooth talent and it shows in his music. Be sure to check out his purely original production as well.