“Get Rich” by Jay Machiavelli is a narrative that explains his goals, and all the obstacles that are standing in his way. The hook is a very catchy, straight forward quick section, while the verses go deeper and deeper. Jay Machiavelli produced this song his self, and recorded it with the help of producer & engineer, the deViator. The kick and 808 have had some special attention paid to them to make sure they hit right in whatever speakers you are listening on. Jay Machiavelli reached out to fellow local rapper L Dot C for cover art, who can found on twitter @iGoByLC

Listen to this new single and hear a little bit about the life and goals that Jay has for his

label mates. Not many artists open up to the world like Machiavelli did in this track. 

The production is his best yet, from the mix, lyrics, all the way down to the overall feel of the song.

Jay Machiavelli has been working hard, this is his first summer as a independent artist, under the Rare Deviation label; and he has dropped an album and over 7 singles. Jay Machiavelli plans to release a few more singles before the year is over, as well as another an album next spring with the release date to be determined. Machiavelli recently reached a very special mark in his career as he recently got over 1,000 followers on his Spotify profile. 

“Get Rich” is a song for conscious hip-hop lovers, but don’t sleep on the catchy hook! Be sure to follow Jay Machiavelli to hear more from him and his fellow label mates! 

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Facebook: @OfficialJayMachiavelli

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Website: https://www.raredeviation.com/jaymachiavelli