Home Video J $tash & Tekashi69 Feat. Xen Black “Exodia” @ImJstash

J $tash & Tekashi69 Feat. Xen Black “Exodia” @ImJstash


J $tash, Xen Black & Tekashi69 join forces for the new video “Exodia.”

Following up last week’s “Puma” video, J $tash is back with another video today, but rather than promoting last year’s No More Distractions mixtape, the Florida rapper decides to link up with Tekashi69 & Xen Black for a new music video called “Exodia.”

Forewarning: the possible NSFW-video begins on a dark & heavy note with the duo shooting up some heroin in a bathroom, before things turn into a “mortal kombat” style video game and they mob in the vibrant streets of Times Square. Here’s what was said about the loud & boisterous video:

“The video shows the environment in which Tekashi grew up. He grew up in a streets where not only his neighbors but family members as well were addicted to heorin, that is why he decided to show the world the real face of Bushwick as well as the real problem of this neighborhood. Bushwick is becoming more and more attractive to rich people and economically disadvantaged families are forced to live at the edge of Brooklyn border. Tekashi is a hope to the next generation of people who are from the same environment as himself, he is trying to show them that it is possible to take their lives in their own hands to change the destiny they have.”

Check out the Figure Eight Films-directed clip above. Thoughts?