Arizona Trio Injury Reserve have come through with their latest musical creation, the seven track EP Drive It Like It’s Stolen. In a recent interview, producer Parker Corey described the crew’s sonic ambition: “I think the best way to describe our sound is to constantly make something that’s weird, but also that sounds cool.” It’s evident from the project’s lead-off track “TenTenths” that the group have succeeded in realizing their mission statement. Subdued, yet rhythmic percussion dominates the production, evoking some of the early millennium work from Timbo and Pharrell.

The comparisons are especially apt on the project’s second track, the standout “See You Sweat.” Rappers Stepa J. Groggs and Ritchie With a T trade verses with a solid chemistry, and Drive It Like It’s Stolen stands out as a refreshing effort amidst a sea of copycats. Whether or not you’re into this type of music, it’s something undeniably new, and that in and of itself is worth respecting. In fact, there’s no trap drums or autotuned vocals to be found.

The track “North Pole” is a prime example of Injury Reserve’s versatility. Over some quiet yet dense production, Ritchie raps a conversation with a fallen friend, reflecting on a simpler time: Man, I’ll never love this rap shit, not as much as you did, that was round when Kendrick had dropped OD, man, I wish them pills ain’t make you fucking… Hold up.”

With big plans and a dedication to chasing innovative sounds, Injury Reserve continues to prove their one to watch out for. If you’re looking for something different from the current norm, or simply want to vibe out to some melodic, underground hip-hop, then look no further. Be sure to check out our “Crew Love” feature below, if you’re interested in putting a face to the voices.