Michael Jackson’s Biological Son. I don’t go into specific personal details about my conception, my adoption or personal life very much, but it is info that I have and am willing to share with a serious publicist or media journalist. The story here is that I am seeking to get a DNA test with a Jackson family member to prove that I am Michael’s Biological son. I have contacted and spoken to the estate, Howard Weitzman in a series of emails, as well as over the phone. I have also contacted the Jackson family members via facebook, email, twitter, and Instagram only to be blocked or muted. I have posted messages even on youtube. I have reached out particularly to Terry Harvey who was listed as the manager for Tito Jackson and spoke with him over the phone, he was dismissive, however. So, in light of this, I have continued to market my story and try to get it out there and have someone with some sort of platform draw attention to this and try to question why exactly the Jackson family is ignoring a claim and allegation that I am Michael’s son and avoiding the acknowledgment that such a seemingly positive thing can bring, during a dark time for them with this Leaving Neverland documentary being released. There’s a lot of things that I say on my video channel, but the truth is it’s isn’t fair to me. No one just makes up a story like this. And it’s a story that’s easily provable. I have DNA analysis from 23&Me that matches a family tree that I found online for the Jackson’s. My story is 100% True. @jackson5junior on all social media. IG & Twitter.