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What city are you from?

Out west In Chicago, Illinois but I be damn near everywhere. I was in the suburbs for school when I was living with my momma in Aurora, Illinois.

Any projects you working on? Features?

Yeah I got a project called Open Eyes I been putting together on some independent shit but I don’t mention it like that because if you tell anybody you got a “mixtape on the way” they assume you a regular ass rapper on SoundCloud or some goofy shit like that. I got a feature with Cago Leek, another west side Chicago rapper and my peoples who be rapping but I rarely do songs with other artists because I just think it’s a lot of fraudulent, fu peoples in the music and I refuse to get involved with they goof ass.

Why did you name yourself IAMNOTU?

I mean my name speak for itself. I don’t be on what everybody else be on because all I know is separate myself and be a hunnit with myself. Ain’t no originality out here, this music shit like a big ass copy machine to me. I get tired of producing the same music, that’s probably why I can’t get in tune with what these rappers be making today because it sound too similar with what the next rapper putting out. Everybody used to tell me my sound distinct and I should just fuck with the music so shit I just kept releasing songs and writing verses about what was going on in my life.

What was growing up for you like?

I can’t say I grew up poor or in a broken home but I lived on section 8 with my momma after her and my father divorced when I was a shorty. I was a asshole when I was enrolled in school because I just went to class for the hoes and drama, everybody knew who I was in that mug. I used to fail courses and not give no fuck about what the teachers was teaching because I knew everything they was instructing, I just never applied my knowledge or what I knew. People in the suburbs be pressed when you from the city, everything you do, how you talk, sleep, breathe is because you from the city. I lost cousins and uncles to that street shit, niggas I grew up with or went to school with either on drugs, locked up, or dead right now and that just molded me into who I am. I dropped out of high school and told myself I wasn’t going back to get my education but I ended up in boot camp/correctional school for 5 months right before my cousin Drop got killed and after that shit I was out here cappin again.

Top 4 songs you’ve produced? 

Open Eyes, Loose Screw, Backwoods, and Cut From My Cloth. All songs produced by me.

Any Chicago artist you listen to?

I fuck with Valee, L’Gado, CDot Honcho, and couple more artists in the city. I think other cities and rappers jacked Chicago shit and ran with it but that’s just how this wave shit is. I ain’t going to flodge though it be artists that get a little clout on they name and think they Hollywood and forget they still at the bottom with us.

What’s your next move

Releasing a mixtape and a EP this year and traveling to cities outside the state for shows.