Your New Project is out tell us more about it.

I’m G.Fears- music producer and multi/instrumentalist. The project
is a debut single I produced with a Phoenix AZ. Artist, Logan B3 titled
I.L.U. This particular song is a 90’s MJ vibe + modern day Weekend =
everybody hits the dance floor. It’s a very fun, upbeat, true summer
jam with a simple message of loving that special someone. Some
proceeds of the digital downloads are going to the National Alliance on
Mental Illness. We want to help spread awareness of this very real and
current issue.
Some incredible talent was involved. S/O to Logan B3 (Artist/co
Prod/songwriter), Briana Robinson baby vocals, Andre Frappier
(guitars), Mark Gosiewski (Trumpet), Michael Williams (Bass Guitar
Myself: Drum prog/Synths/add Guitar/Bass Guitar/Synth
Bass/Engineer/Mix Engineer.

What artist are you feeling right now?

Drake. Drake has a way of creating this feel good music, while
making it relatable to commercial success yet with urban appeal to the
streets. He and 40 can craft anything. Their music is so versatile, you
might get a club smash from one single, “The Motto”, a feel good
smash like “God’s plan”, a Reggaeton smash like “Take Care” and
“One Dance”, you name it, he’s one of the most versatile artists out
right now.

Top 5 rappers of all time to you?

Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, Snoop, I’m about to go waaaaay back
Slick Rick! I know you wasn’t ready for that one lol.

Whats your next move?

I’m currently an Indie unsigned producer. I’m looking to change that
soon, seeking a publishing deal, to work with the majors again.
Sony/ATV, Universal Music Publishing Group, Roc Nation,
Warner/Chappel etc. They all have an arsenal of talented writers and
producers, and they pair them together, creating some of today’s top
hits. That’s what I’m looking to do next, become one of their next
producer signees. I have so much good music to offer, and whatever
style you’re looking for as well. I either have it, or can create it for you

Tell the people where they can find your music and you online.

Download Logan B3 debut single ‘’I.L.U’’ $0.99 out now available on all
platforms!!! I’m so glad to be donating a portion of downloaded record sells to the
National Alliance On Mental Illness. Be sure and tell someone you love them, it can
go a long way.

and on all other digital platforms. You can also find me on
My website also has available music, for artists, labels and publishers
that are currently shopping.