Funk Flex wants you to know why he’s still talking about Tupac.

Not so surprisingly enough, Funkmaster Flex is caught in some controversy.

This week, the storied DJ has been catching flack for his rant about late rapper Tupac Shakur on Instagram live.

During the personal broadcast Flex discussed what he claims to be the truth about the 1994 ambush on Tupac at Quad Studios. He revealed that during the robbery, Tupac accidentally shot himself, and went on to blame the attack on rival Notorious B.I.G and Diddy because he was scared of the actual perpetrators.

Naturally, the internet wasn’t happy with many calling out Funk Flex including T.I.

“Respectfully Bruh… on G-Code…regardless of what YOU THINK the validity of your statement is, I was taught never to speak down on a dead man,” T.I. wrote on an Instagram post geared towards. Funk Flex.