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Finally Trending Proves The Name Is More Than A Slogan @SethTimlake @tydollasign


Consumers are constantly checking out new companies in marketing. In 2017 marketing and social media go hand in hand but often times so many of these so-called social media marketing companies; are literally flat out scams.

They purchase their clients’ fake followers and even fake Retweets and Likes. Making their social media profiles appear shady once the contract is up.

Finally Trending is a new kind social media company, however.  These guys aren’t focused on making your profile look pretty or popular. They are focused on the result that everyone who hires a marketing agency wants. To be a trending topic.  They have put countless clients in Twitter moments promoted by Twitter and clients exceed over 80,000 retweets on one tweet. ( I checked)  check out the interview below with the CEO and brains of this new company minus the bots.

Who is Finally Trending?

We are Finally Trending. It’s funny how it all began actually, it all started when I got a rush of endorphins as a tweet of mine blew up. It made me want to continue growing a following and create a movement in the eyes of millions of people that spend the majority of the day on their phones. Expanding myself and all my ideas led to the creation of Finally Trending, a social media marketing company whose goal is to promote businesses to talented individuals, and help them spread their message in the eyes of millennials on social media, who empower society as we know it.

You’re very young, can you tell us what it is like being so successful at a young age?

You know everyone has their own path, and most people would be completely content to fill in my shoes, but for me, there is always something more. In my eyes, if you are satisfied where you are, you will never progress. It’s that desire of having a goal and having a fire in your eyes to get there is what pushes an individual on the path of success. My advice to young individuals is to find something you enjoy and pursue it as a career. I love what I do, it does not feel like work to me. If you can find something you enjoy you’ll love what you do, and strive to push the boundaries even further.

What is your goal for Finally Trending?

Once I say this everyone will think I am way in over my head, and I have actually had a few people tell me this, but it just drives me even harder. My goal with Finally Trending is to become one of the dominant businesses that basically make the world go around like Amazon, Google. They have shaped our world, and my goal is to have that kind of influence as a company, with a few clicks of a button.

How does Finally trending differ from other social marketing companies?

You know there is not that many good ones around. Finally Trending offers real engagements with current, and new followers, and that is something that a lot of the “fake” smaller companies try to push, but with that type of business plan it will never grow into something more.

Your slogan is no scams. While there are a lot of scam social marketing companies what is it that your company does that others don’t do?

You don’t have to look far to find someone who claims they are a “social media influencer” or “offer promotional services”. Finally Trending as a company has a history of working with verified brands, tripling impressions in a week, all the way to making a client trend globally. It is actually quite remarkable what can be accomplished.

Where can people find you on Social Media?

My name is Seth Timlake, you can find me @SethTimlake on Twitter. I am the CEO and Founder of Finally Trending, which can be found on Twitter @FinallyTrending. I also want to acknowledge my best friend and Co-Founder, Garfield Neal. You can find find him on Twitter at @GarfieldNeal