Artist: Ethan Douglaz @ethandouglaz
To start off, what made you want to get into music? 
I always admired and had a connection to art in general. I really love the thought process that goes into creating art. Out of all the different kinds of artistry, I was always into music the most. With that said, music obviously heavily influenced me and motivated me to be where I am now. I actually used to write a lot when I was younger which influenced me to start using my words for the better. Ever since elementary school, art in general has been very impacting on my life and on my music.
Is anyone in your family musical?
To be honest, not really. I’m the only one. If I had to say though, my grandpa and sister have to be the most influential on me music wise. My grandpa was always playing The Temptations, The Isley brothers, James Brown, Nat King Cole, and many others. I was influenced by the soul, blues, and gospel he was constantly playing around me. I actually have a vinyl collection and one of the first vinyls I received was from him. It was The Isley Brothers “Go For Your Guns” record. My sister was also really influential on me musically in terms of teaching me basic song structure, poetry, and some tight artists as well.
Where are you from? 
I’m from Killeen, Texas. It’s in the central part of Texas. People outside of Killeen usually don’t know where Killeen is. It’s surrounded by cities like Austin, San Antonio, and Waco. But yeah, I got a whole lot of love for the city though.
What artists are you feeling right now? 
Honestly, a lot of artists are out here doing their thing which is really humbling and motivating to see. If I had to choose though, I would say, Kendrick Lamar, Isaiah Rashad, Joey Bada$$, Smino, Goldlink, Saba, my boy Ishdarr, and the big bro Jay Idk. That’s not everybody but that’s my list cut short. A lot of artists are always influencing me though.
Who are your top 5 rappers of all time? 
That’s honestly a really tough question to answer. So many rappers deserve to be in that top 5 list. Honestly though, I would put Kendrick Lamar at number one because of the way he’s positively impacted the world and his influence on not only me but the culture of music. I would put Isaiah Rashad at two because of how much I related to his music and the way he puts his words together. Joey Bada$$ at three because of his influence on culture and music as well. Joey’s album (All Amerikkkan Bada$$) was also very very good. 2 Pac at four, only because I haven’t had a chance to hear all his music but his influence as a person on culture and music is definitely huge. And finally, N.W.A. because of how much they pioneered the genre of hip hop.
Who influenced you the most to do music? 
I would say my sister. Her impact on me is huge. Not only in terms of music, but in life as well. She’s a huge reason the project will be the way it is too. But yeah, my sister hands down.
What has been the coolest memory or moment of your career so far? 
Honestly, all of it. Just being able to be considered an established artist is honestly a blessing itself. I know it could all go away very easily so I try my best to never get ahead of myself. Every reward by far has been a blessing. To be this far right now is very humbling and I try to never take anything for granted. No matter how big or small.
Your new project is coming out soon, tell us more about it? 
The project is definitely something i have been working on for a while now. From studio to studio, I just work primarily on the project. It’s funny because everyone is getting mad at me because I haven’t dropped it yet nor have I dropped any songs off the project yet. If I had to say though, the project is huge on self reflection, admittance, and a realization of surroundings. I’ve been getting a lot of support and help from people for the project so i’m definitely looking forward to sharing it. I just hope everyone remembers it’s not an album. It’s just an EP.
What artists are featured on the project? 
I haven’t released the feature list yet but this might be one of the best times to do it. A few artists who should make an appearance on the project include Mick Jenkins, YGTUT, and I recently just got in contact with John Givez. Many other artists will be included on the project though for sure.
Where will the project be released?
The project will be released everywhere. Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Groove Music, YouTube, and much more. It will literally be on every music site or place you can think of.
What’s your next move after this interview? 
Planning for a huge 2018 so a lot is coming up. The new merchandise is coming soon which will include some new shirts, some hoodies, and even some bracelets. More interviews coming up, and obviously the project is coming soon too. That’s not it though, much more is coming soon too.
What advice would you give new artists coming up?
Never give up, just keep working, and have faith. No matter how hard it gets. I been grinding this out for a minute and to be where I am now is a blessing so shoutout to God. But the best piece of advice I could give any new artist is never give up, keep working, and keep your faith first.
Finally, where can we find you online?
My instagram is @ethandouglaz.
My twitter is @ethandouglaz.
My snapchat is @detroitblood.
And the website to go buy merch, tickets for shows, keeping up with me, and everything else is