At the end of the summer, we posted Ekali and Denzel Curry’s track “Babylon” that was a slow rising banger with a heavy drop that saw Denzel come through with the lyrics that details his story over the beat rather than the beat detail Ekali’s story. Now the crew have come back to reveal a remix of the track by Skrillex and Ronny J.

The new beat still follows a steady start with Denzel’s verse dragged to the beginning and Skrillex’s usual gritty sounds heard right off the bat. Forty seconds in you hear a climb that drops at the one-minute mark on top of the songs hook “I might run up on a nigga and..”

In regards to the original track, Ekali said he wanted to produce a song where rap and electronic could coexist “without tipping the scales too far in either direction.”

“It’s an approach to rap music that I’d never seen done before, so I wanted to know what that sounded like. Working in the room with Denzel was fast… he’s a real rapper. Most of the time we spent kicking it just playing shit back and forth. He wrote and recorded his parts for Babylon in minutes,” he added.

Denzel Curry’s previous releases was his track “Sky Walker,” before that it was his 5-track EP called 13 which he admitted was to simply tie fans over from what he will be dropping next. “The reason why I put out the 13 EP is because I got bored. I wanted to supply my fans with something,” Denzel explained. “I knew I couldn’t give them the stuff from the album. The album’s not even done yet. It’s almost done, but it’s not done yet, and I want to make sure it’s perfect to a tee before I even think about releasing anything.”