On Thursday, DMX was spotted outside court in NYC, where he had a hearing on his tax evasion case, and the first thing people are noticing is his change in weight. Last month, X’s lawyer said her client had put on 40 llbs while in rehab over the past couple months, and he pretty much confirmed it Thursday at court.

A TMZ cameraman caught up with X outside the courthouse, and asked him if he really put on 40 lbs? X’s response “I don’t know. you have a scale?” as he proceeded to walk into court. Later, the cameraman caught up with X once again leaving the courtroom and asked him what he was eating? X responded with another perfect answer, “cereal.”

The exchange between X & the TMZ cameraman isn’t whats important here though, it’s X’s new healthy look & image. Just a few months back, the former Ruff Ryder looked significantly skinnier and unhealthy, but ever since he’s entered rehab, X looks to be doing much better.