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Tate Kobang – Ready [New Song] @Tate_Kobang @Vashtie


Baltimore rapper Tate Kobang previously put 2015 on lockdown with his “Bank Rolls (Remix)” which garnered him critical acclaim and increased mainstream exposure. Fast forward to March 2017, when Kobang came through to deliver his certified VERY HOTTTT mixtape Silent Waves. Now, the twenty-five year old rapper has dropped “Ready,” produced by none other than the legendary Swizz Beatz.

No matter how you spin it, getting a beat from Swizz should definitely be a bucket-list item for any rapper. It seems likely that Swizz decided to step back in the lab prior to his much anticipated beat battle with Timbaland, and there’s no doubt he’ll be busting out this gritty jam come showtime. It’s safe to say that Tate Kobang is officially with the smoke.

Insofar as bars, Tate comes correct over the militant drum beat, spitting self-deprecating bars like “I used to pray I get a job to make my mother proud, I said fuck it I got a burner and a bunch of loud.” His lyrics and flow bring a consistent level of energy mirrored by the beat, and fans of pure rhyming should be pleased.

It should be said that the inclusion of video director slash occasional rapper Va$htie closes off the track on a bizarre note. While she does spit a few noteworthy bars, her delivery seems inexperienced compared to someone as proficient as Kobangz. Either way, it doesn’t stop the track from being a banger.


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