In your opinion what is the true difference between an emcee and a rapper?
Although rap is one of the five elements of hip hop (Those elements being the DJ, The breakdancer, the graffiti artists, the emcee, and the knowledge) an emcee is trained to focus more on the overall impact that is brought into the community through their craft. A true emcee knows the culture comes first and although rap is a skill a true emcee knows that hip hop is a way of living. On the other hand, a rapper wields one skill. Although a rapper writes rhymes there are many rappers who violate the first rule of hip hop that rule being authenticity. Yes, a rapper may be involved in the culture of hip hop but an emcee is the culture!!
What do you feel Is the greatest flaw in today’s hip hop Truthfully?
I feel that a true lack of maturity is present in today’s generation of hip hop. Much of the youth have become blind to the overall impact of the content in which they consume. Hip hop began as a movement that was built to inspire and bring about a positive change but much of our youth has become blind to the truth. I truly do feel that the emcees of today should instill knowledge to build the character of the men and women of today’s society. I say this to glorify the fact that our children are the future and it is vital that we stand together to transform this generation into an army of positive role models.
Recently you were featured in the Austin Chronicle.
How does it feel to know that you may essentially become the driving force that places Austin Texas at the forefront of mainstream hip hop. Truthfully, I am absolutely honored to know that I may be on the verge of revolutionizing Texas hip hop in a major way. Yes, I have the utmost respect for Houston hip hop and all of the greats such as Z Ro, Trae the truth, paul wall fat pat DJ Screw Pimp C, Lil Keke and many others but I feel that Austin Texas hip hop has been slept on for far too long.  As I said I mean absolutely no disrespect by saying that I’m simply saying that Austin Texas deserves to be praised just as much as Houston.
Are you currently signed to any record label?
Yes I’m currently signed to my own record label Validation music group
What do you love about the city of
austin? First and foremost, Austin Texas is where I was born and raised. There is a wide variety of great food, music, and sightseeing opportunities. Ladybird lake is absolutely beautiful. Westlake Hills are one of the most expensive housing divisions in the city. The domain is great for those looking for high dollar brands. I mean how can you go wrong when Austin Texas is the live music capital of the world. No matter what city I go to I will always represent the Texas Longhorns. Austin Texas is my city and I love it
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