Recently you were featured in the Austin Chronicle yet again. This time the publication included the Validation Music Group long along with a quote that is bound to draw attention to many. The quote says “With the drive and ambition to change the world for the better, the Validation Music Group CEO and rapper Danger Zone teams up with the “Don’t say it” actress Dalia Zambrano with the intentions of transforming Austin Texas into a kingdom built for success in all aspects of life. Would you care to elaborate on this statement?
As many people are aware, my primary goal as a musician and as a human being is to provide hope to everyone I come in contact with or as many people as possible. You see the reason why I chose to team up with Dalia is truly deeper than music and any form of creative arts. Truthfully, her positive spirit and dignified mindset for innovation allowed me to see that she has the ability to create a positive change that is truly needed in this hectic world. You remember the quote “Great minds think alike”. That’s kind of how things are between Dalia and I. The level of positivity we can both provide for this world is truly deeper than any form of creative arts. As far fetched as this may sound I truly do believe that Dalia and I can heal this world in its entirety in due time.
Outside of your immediate family who would you say is your greatest inspiration as an individual?
Without a doubt, I would definitely have to say, David Goggins. David is the definition of greatness. The amount of pain that this dude was able to endure and pull through it all in such an amazing fashion truly is inspirational. His book “Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds” is truly a book that I highly recommend.
On your debut album Truth Revealed, you collaborated with Djoir Jordan on a song entitled “Hear my prayer” which speaks on your younger cousin Rome needing a heart transplant. Would you say that this song acts as a prequel to your song “All that’s broken” (Feat. AdELA) which was included on your second album “All I fear the 2nd chance edition?
Absolutely!!. As I mentioned in previous interviews, All I fear the 2nd chance edition is a part of a 4 album series called “the quest to save an angel series” so yes every last album in the series will flow cohesively together like a movie when played back to back.
As an artist what would you say is kind of like a secret weapon for you? 
My heart!! Each and every single time I write I pour my heart out in its entirety. I give everything I got to ensure that I create a masterpiece every time I enter my creative state of mind. Music is my life and I will always nurture it every single day of my life.
Is there anything else you would like to add as we conclude this interview?
Always remember that it takes discipline to maintain a revolutionary paradigm.
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