Considering that you’ve been in the music industry for some time now, what advice would you provide for a new artist looking to get into the music industry?

Truthfully I would say that the most important thing to keep in mind is your mindset. I cannot stress this enough, it is vitally important to strengthen your mind on a daily basis. Read and learn as much as possible. Trust me, it will help in the long run. In addition, I would like to mention that your reputation is basically like a lifeline. If you engage In a particular act that is generally frowned upon, the word will spread fast similar to that of a wildfire. Remain kind and humble and always be willing to share knowledge but never allow yourself to be taken for granted or taken advantage of. KNOW YOUR WORTH!!!

How do you balance your career in the music industry and your personal life.
Ultimately the biggest key to balancing everything going on is creating a list of priorities that will allow me to see longterm success. Music is my greatest passion and my music is the one thing that fuels me on a daily basis. My music is everything to me.
From front to back what is your favorite set of bars from your second album?
That’s why I stay driven/ Came in the game to break all the limits/ Better get it right you better think twice before you say D.Z ain’t exquisite/ And i’ll never stop I’m always gonna rock the planet in a way that always brings peace/ And I stand tall I’m never gonna fall and thats only cause ive always been a king/ Manifest a dream and make it to the top/ I’ll never give up I’ll give all I got/ I’ll never back down from any challenge and that’s only cause I’m always solid as a rock/ You gotta give props praise Danger Cause hes a game changer/ Life throws jabs but my counter punch has always been a haymaker
When it’s all said and done what aspect of your career will be the most memorable. 
My willingness to provide a sense of hope to those who may feel lost.
Granite I’m extremly lethal on the microphone, my heart is one thing that is pure gold. Those who have met me in person will all tell you that I’m one of the sweetest individuals you could possibly encounter. Naturally I’m a loving guy who wishes nothing but the best for everyone especially those who deserve it.
What inspired the name of your record label Validation Music Group?
Ultimately the name represents the fact that I’m willing to do all I can to validate the fact that anyone signed to the label will leave behind a legacy that will be remember forever and that’s a promise.
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Here are a few links to my music
Danger Zone – Finding Solace (Produced by J Cardim)
Danger Zone- Heart of a champion
Danger Zone- All that’s broken (Feat. AdELA)
Danger Zone- The Promise (Produced by J Cardim)
Danger Zone- Blinded by sorrow (Produced by DJ Pain 1)
Danger Zone- Family is forever (Feat. Rome Henderson)
Danger Zone- Hear my prayer (Feat. Djoir Jordan)
Danger Zone- Feel my pain (Feat. Curt Mcgurt)
Danger Zone- Life of an outcast
Danger Zone- Murder Weapon (Feat. M1sta Wyte)