In terms of sales, is there a certain level you wish to reach for the lead single of your second album?

As a matter of fact, as overzealous as this may sound I am aiming to acquire at least one RIAA Diamond certification. As I mentioned before in previous interviews, I truly do believe that my drive, ambition and work ethic can and will provide me with all of the momentum required to accomplish my goal of becoming an RIAA Certified artist. I’ve set my standards so high due to the fact that I feel that the greatest way for me to make waves throughout the entire music industry would be to aim to acquire an RIAA Diamond certification. I also feel that it’s a great way of saying thanks to AdELA for being such an amazing mentor and friend. SCRAP THAT!!! shes not a friend. SHES FAMILY!!! That’s my sister and I love her.

In the previous interview, you mentioned the fact that you are currently working on a show called “Burning Roses” with Dalia Zambrano. Would you mind providing us with details on the progress of the shows creation?
The creation of the show is going great, so far we’ve got 7 of the 13 episodes written. Dalia is currently in college so I’ve been doing my best to work around her schedule. I told her “”First and foremost focus on getting that degree, because ultimately I want to see you graduate.” So yeah everything is progressing very well.
How many times have you been featured in the Austin Chronicle this year?
So far I’ve been featured in the Austin Chronicle 3 times within the past three months.
What are your thoughts on the recent passing of Nispey Hussle.
In all honesty I was absolutely stunned to hear what happened to such an inspirational and innovative artist and human being. You see the biggest thing that disturbs me is the fact that anytime someone tries to do something and amazing and positive for the community, there is always a form of evil that comes and tries to tear it down. Its been seen far too many times. It breaks my heart to see that Nipsey had to go this way. As a matter of fact I’m upset about the fact that he had to go at all. I wouldnt wish that upon anybody. Not even my worst enemy. I would like to send my condolences to his family and his loved ones especially Lauren London. I wish everyone nothing but the best. If you guys need anything dont be afraid to reach out. My Twitter handle is @Dangerzone2014 Much love from DZ
From what you’ve shown you love to be involved in way more than just music. Is there a reason for that?
Well for starters I’m always thinking about Legacy. Yes I am aware of the fact that I still a lifetime left to work but you see I feel that it’s best to start building while I’m young that way I can progress in a smoother fashion in the coming years.
Social media links
Here are a few links to my music
Danger Zone – Finding Solace (Produced by J Cardim)
Danger Zone- Heart of a champion
Danger Zone- All that’s broken (Feat. AdELA)
Danger Zone- The Promise (Produced by J Cardim)
Danger Zone- Blinded by sorrow (Produced by DJ Pain 1)
Danger Zone- Family is forever (Feat. Rome Henderson)
Danger Zone- Hear my prayer (Feat. Djoir Jordan)
Danger Zone- Feel my pain (Feat. Curt Mcgurt)
Danger Zone- Life of an outcast
Danger Zone- Murder Weapon (Feat. M1sta Wyte)