In your honest opinion, what is your greatest advantage as both a musician and as an entrepreneur?

Without a doubt, the greatest advantage present in my current situation is my willingness to actually execute on an opportunity for success. Many people talk a big game saying that they’ll do this or do that and they’ll say that they’ll make a certain impact on this world but sadly those same people are sometimes the same people who do absolutely nothing to execute on their wishes. Because this is so, I am already ahead of a lot of people and I’m prepared to leave a lot of people in the dust. My work ethic is truly unmatched. Yes I am aware of the fact that this makes me sound overconfident but I truly do believe that I will be remembered as a legend in due time

What do you love about your music?
Authenticity. For nearly a decade music and writing poetry has always been a form of therapy for me. Music is an art form that has allowed me to learn more about myself essentially allowing me to learn more about myself each and every single day. Because this is so, I’ve been able to both mature as an individual, in turn, I’ve grown to love myself more than ever.
In your honest opinion, what is one flaw that can ultimately damage the career of an artist?
A LACK OF PATIENCE!!! There have been entirely too many situations where an artist has an endless desire for immediate success and these same artists end up engaging in an activity to see instant gratification but in the end, they see a long term form of damage to everything they are building. Success is like a house. We all know that in order for a home to stay intact you must have a solid foundation. Without a solid foundation, the entire piece of work will eventually collapse.
Your 2nd album “All I fear: The 2nd chance edition” speaks on the subject of your younger cousin Rome seeing a 2nd chance at life through a recent heart transplant. The album also speaks on your mother becoming a cancer survivor. Understanding that both stories are extremely powerful, how do you feel the album will impact today’s society?
The title of the album “All I fear: the 2nd chance edition is simply a metaphor implying the importance of understanding the truth in which our current lifestyle, no matter how bad we may feel it is, there is always a reason to smile. I hate when people say “my life sucks or I got nothing else to live for.” A part of me just wants to respond by saying ” you’re breathing right, you woke up this morning right. Yes? Okay. now shut up and quit complaining. You are absolutely blessed far more than you probably realize. Be thankful!! Cherish every blessing no matter how small that blessing may be. Yes, your present life may be dark. That doesn’t mean your future wont to be brighter.” My goal for the album is to instill faith and gratitude into the hearts of every listener
What do you feel is the key to shaping the life of an entrepreneur?
Not only is work ethic a big part in shaping the life of an entrepreneur but the willingness to live through adversity is a vital aspect of developing a strong sense of character. This doesn’t just apply to entrepreneurs but it applies to every single individual on planet earth
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